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С Америкой на «ты» (Талис Борис)


You're holding in your hands the book thanks to which you could get the real opportunity to recognize the USA, to see the entire country from inside, to understand neighbors and colleagues, to learn deeper their life and culture and, as a result, to make your own life more successful. Your transfer to American way of life demands time, patience, and of course — English language. After all these years — twenty or even longer, many of our immigrants couldn't manage it and first of all because of their poor English.

This book — «America with you» — is the second reference edition by Boris Talis. It is a detailed narration of the contemporary America (the first one was titled «You Go to America» and was published in Russia in 1993 in number of 100,000).

The book is addressed to those who are planning to immigrate as well as those who have already settled here. We hope it'll become the irreplaceable assistant and wisest adviser in your travel along the deepest ocean of laws and rules created by the lawmakers of this diverse, dynamic and in many aspects unique country. Maybe, some of your questions will never get any answer…

Boris Talis is an American citizen. As many of immigrants, he went through an uneasy way of adaptation, he knows a lot, and not by hearsay, about difficulties, which meet those who by fortune appear in this unfamiliar country. And the author is sincerely eager to help. Experienced in his own business as well as the Executive Director of the Brighton Busyness Improvement District in New York (which includes about 400 enterprises), Mr. Talis shares his advice on the most essential and concrete problems of the American life. All this priceless information is a basis of this book.

The recommendations given in the book will help the readers to avoid the wrong steps or nanve mistakes which are (alas!) always to be paid for by newcomers — and not only with money. Therefore try to remember these lessons in order to avoid your own mistakes and you'll be able to save your money, and not on trivia! Here you'll find pretty much problems you face in your everyday life. Some of them will seem familiar, and some can become a real discovery and complete revelation.

Here is all the necessary information about the state and political system of United States, its economy, taxes and financial policies, culture, Public health services etc. given in this book. You'll find out where to address in situations when it seems to be hopeless. You'll learn how to behave with police officer, how the American court system operates, where and what should help you make the better bargain, and how to save money while shopping. You'll find the answers on many questions, such as: how to travel with benefit and even free of charge; where Americans enjoy their night entertainment time; about changes took place in the immigration policy; how to get education, and much more.

You are going to live in this free country and, probably, feel it from the very first steps. We understand that couldn't mention each tiny detail of the American life — of course, it's impossible to embrace everything in one book. But the most important things you'll find here!

Absolutely obvious, that many other authors will write books about America, and reader's interest to each of them will depend on objectivity of the narrated material. «With America «on you» guarantees objectivity!


Дорогой читатель!

«С Америкой на „ты“ —это второе издание …

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