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Последние тайны СССР – Проект Марс 88

Меньшутин Андрей

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Последние тайны СССР – Проект Марс 88

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The designer of MS 88 found a little different way to solve these problems. The nuclear propulsion engine started as far from the Earth as possible, being the second or third stage engine of the spaceship. And it did not work directly, so its radiation background was just one and a half or two times higher than natural values. Protection of the crew from such relatively low level of radiation was also simplified and was solved in three years. It took a couple more years for final breaking-in, fine tuning and trial. So in six years after closure of the first project, the second one was successfully completed. It is true that it had a lot of principal differences, but it was the same in essence. The problem of energy and heat supply to the spaceship on the whole was successfully resolved. And the main thing, now there was an opportunity to use practically the whole volume and weight of the rocket for more important tasks… Andrey was the KGB supervisor of this design office. First of all he was responsible for the project secrecy, and a little less for its successful final result. The result was dimly shining behind the 50 cm partition of the energy compartment, transforming the energy of arms-grade plutonium into quite peaceful electrojet one, which pushed the spaceship closer and closer to Mars.

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