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Английский язык с Грэмом Грином. Третий человек

Франк Илья

Уважаемый читатель, в нашей электронной библиотеке вы можете бесплатно скачать книгу «Английский язык с Грэмом Грином. Третий человек» автора Франк Илья в форматах fb2, epub, mobi, html, txt. На нашем портале есть мобильная версия сайта с удобным электронным интерфейсом для телефонов и устройств на Android, iOS: iPhone, iPad, а также форматы для Kindle. Мы создали систему закладок, читая книгу онлайн «Английский язык с Грэмом Грином. Третий человек», текущая страница сохраняется автоматически. Читайте с удовольствием, а обо всем остальном позаботились мы!
Английский язык с Грэмом Грином. Третий человек

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Danube [`dxnju:b], desolate ['des(q)lqt], foundation [faun'deIS(q)n], imagination ["Imx'dZIneIS(q)n], instead [In'sted], rifle ['raIfl], shoulder ['Squldq], roughly ['rAflI], invent [In'vent], unrelieved ['AnrI'li:vd], cultural ['kAltS(q)r(q)l], society [sq'saIqtI] The Danube was a grey flat muddy river a long way off across the second bezirk, the Russian zone where the Prater lay smashed and desolate and full of weeds, only the Great Wheel revolving slowly over the foundations of merry-go-rounds like abandoned millstones, the rusting iron of smashed tanks which nobody had cleared away, the frost-nipped weeds where the snow was thin. I haven't enough imagination to picture it as it had once been, any more than I can picture Sacher's Hotel as other than a transit hotel for English officers or see the Kartnerstrasse as a fashionable shopping street instead of a street which only exists, most of it, at eye level, repaired up to the first storey. A Russian soldier in a fur cap goes by with a rifle over his shoulder, and men in overcoats sip ersatz coffee in the windows of Old Vienna. This was roughly the Vienna to which Rollo Martins came on February 7 last year. I have reconstructed the affair as best I can from my own files and from what Martins told me. It is as accurate as I can make it—I haven't invented a line of dialogue though I can't vouch for Martins' memory; an ugly story if you leave out the girl: grim and sad and unrelieved if it were not for that absurd episode of the British Cultural Relations Society lecturer.

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Английский язык с Грэмом Грином. Третий человек

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