На Крыльях Надежды : Поэзия. Избранное

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На Крыльях Надежды : Поэзия. Избранное (Озорнин Прохор)

Битовый Мир


The sum of all my fantasy, Now everything you are to me, My eyes are clear now I can see - The Linux, you shall ever be! You are the one who gave me might To do the jobs in ways of right, It's like I've come at last to home For all the grief was quickly gone. And I can feel my senses flash When I am typing in the bash, And all the pain got off of me … Just try yourself - and you shall see! There are no hacks, there are no bugs, I'm walking road without suxx, I'm pretty sure of my way, No more am I Windows prey. That Windows I've thrown overboard For I am not one of the horde, And I am not one of the beefs, Now I do see what Linux gives! Soon it will spread with lightning rate And then will break your slavish fate, And all the ones who are as bright Will glorify its endless might! Who wants to be the second sort And all his days ask for support, When one can be the system god And throw away that BSODish mud?! Once you become the Linux fun, No more you'll be in the run Providing proofs of legal use, In hordes of lawyers you won't loose. Linux is stable, it's for free, Once being owned you shall see That way to free soft through the gate And free yourself at any rate! You'll see those others in the sun Once you've become the Linux fan, They'll smile all and shake your hand, And welcome you to their land, That land of knowledge, land of mind, Where all you need you shall soon find, And you will see their great force Which now is called as “Open Source”. In no way they are patent-bound And thus create those apps that sound, And thus they lead software wave, And industry they will once save. So join them without fear And know - your clearing is near, And once you pass the Linux through - That day you'll be PC guru! There is no way to pay your bill, For all you'll need is just your will To free yourself …
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