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Молчаливая ночь [with w cat]

Кларк Мэри Джейн

Уважаемый читатель, в нашей электронной библиотеке вы можете бесплатно скачать книгу «Молчаливая ночь [with w cat]» автора Кларк Мэри Джейн в форматах fb2, epub, mobi, html, txt. На нашем портале есть мобильная версия сайта с удобным электронным интерфейсом для телефонов и устройств на Android, iOS: iPhone, iPad, а также форматы для Kindle. Мы создали систему закладок, читая книгу онлайн «Молчаливая ночь [with w cat]», текущая страница сохраняется автоматически. Читайте с удовольствием, а обо всем остальном позаботились мы!
Молчаливая ночь [with w cat]

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[ 33 ] “Cally, you putting up your brother again?” Shore’s eyes had searched the room behind her for signs of his presence. [ 34 ] The question was Cally’s first indication that Jimmy had managed to escape from Riker’s Island prison. [ 35 ] “The charge is attempted murder of a prison guard,” the detective told her, bitterness filling his voice. “The guard is in critical condition. Your brother shot him and took his uniform. This time you’ll spend a lot more than fifteen months in prison if you help Jimmy to escape. Accessory after the fact the second time around, when you’re talking attempted murder-or murder-of a law officer. Cally, they’ll throw the book at you.” [ 36 ] “I’ve never forgiven myself for giving Jimmy money last time,” Cally had said quietly. [ 37 ] “Sure. And the keys to your car,” he reminded her. “Cally, I warn you. Don’t help him this time.” [ 38 ] “I won’t. You can be sure of that. And I did not know what he had done before.” She’d watched as their eyes again shifted past her. “Go ahead,” she had cried. “Look around. He isn’t here. And if you want to put a tap on my phone, do that, too. I want you to hear me tell Jimmy to turn himself in. Because that’s all I’d have to say to him.”

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Молчаливая ночь [with w cat]

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