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Тайна загадочной лестницы [with w cat]

Кин Кэролайн

Уважаемый читатель, в нашей электронной библиотеке вы можете бесплатно скачать книгу «Тайна загадочной лестницы [with w cat]» автора Кин Кэролайн в форматах fb2, epub, mobi, html, txt. На нашем портале есть мобильная версия сайта с удобным электронным интерфейсом для телефонов и устройств на Android, iOS: iPhone, iPad, а также форматы для Kindle. Мы создали систему закладок, читая книгу онлайн «Тайна загадочной лестницы [with w cat]», текущая страница сохраняется автоматически. Читайте с удовольствием, а обо всем остальном позаботились мы!
Тайна загадочной лестницы [with w cat]

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[ 48 ] "The name may seem odd to people the first time they hear it," Mrs. Hayes remarked, "but we're all so used to it, we never think anything about it." [ 49 ] "Please tell me more about your house," Nancy requested, smiling. [ 50 ] "Mother and I are almost nervous wrecks," Mrs. Hayes replied. "I have urged her to leave Twin Elms, but she won't. You see, Mother has lived there ever since she married my father, Everett Turnbull." [ 51 ] Mrs. Hayes went on to say that all kinds of strange happenings had occurred during the past couple of weeks. They had heard untraceable music, thumps and creaking noises at night, and had seen eerie, indescribable shadows on walls. [ 52 ] "Have you notified the police?" Nancy asked. [ 53 ] "Oh, yes," Mrs. Hayes answered. "But after talking with my mother, they came to the conclusion that most of what she saw and heard could be explained by natural causes. The rest, they said, probably was imagination on her part. You see, she's over eighty years old, and while I know her mind is sound and alert, I'm afraid that the police don't think so."

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Тайна загадочной лестницы [with w cat]

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