"Н" значит : Надежда [поэзия]

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I am the man of sorts, you know, And I can feel yours feelings flow, And haven't mastered mine for now... My love to you I did bestow. What was my reason for such move ? To you my love I'll never prove, For you I'm but another buff, So I am saying now - enough ! What was I thinking all that time ? You were your own, never mine, Sometimes all kind, in times all rough ... But it's still such worthless stuff. I am alone, I always was, I am still living in the doze That someone will accept my love ... I will awaken, it's enough ! I'm tired of that endless fight, I am no moth that will not bite And crawl through your endless bluff ... No more lying - it's enough ! I was the one to help you flight And threw your past out of sight, And yet it came to such a blight ... In that I'm guilty - and still right. I can forgive, I will forget Of our past that makes me sad, Such pretty looking, useless stuff... No more such memories, enough ! I have no willing to decide Of who is guilty, who is right, The separation is too tough, No more talk for now ... enough.

Я шествую сквозь дождь...

I am walking through the rain And my soul groans with pain, Cursed be the love like blain - It’s the soul’s bloody stain ! This is like the hellish rain - One without goodness gain, One with brutal, sudden end, Greatest torture of the land. I am screaming in the night, I am begging for the light - One to free me of the chain, And extinguish fiery rain, One to heal scorched heart, One to be my soul guard, One to help me understand That nowhere in earth land It is possible to find Shining love, still being blind, Golden heart, all being poor, Paradise with lifetime guar. I am passing in the night And its darkness makes me blind, And its chill touch makes me wonder Will I need those lights with thunder,
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