Записки недопросветленного [поэзия]

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Страниц: 13
Год: 2010


Отрывок из книги

Я не пастух, я не лакей I am a light in the darkest night, I am a stone on the road that is right, I am a mead in a sorrow's potion, I am but a tear in a life’s ocean. I am not one to follow, I am not one to blame, And my pass won't be sorrowed, Thus I don't feel ashamed. I am not of the chosen, I am not of the right - I am just but a mortal Who is simply not blind. And I don't see the future, And I can't alter souls, I am but a life's teacher Who has no selfish goals. And as long as I'm here Standing fast, holding ground, You may not have the fear For new life is around. All to see you are happy Lightened ones, helping others, So one day in the long last I can call you “my brothers”. Человек Многих Имен I don't know why I feel I am Once lived through all of this - and then I have forgotten who I was, Who were my friends, who were my foes, How I was called, and how I died ... This feeling does constantly bite, But still my memory is mist ... It's like I start with empty list. And yet some …

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