Приключения Шерлока Холмса: Человек с рассеченной губой / The Man with the Twisted Lip

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“Yes, bodies, Watson. We would be rich if we had 1000 pounds for every poor man who died in that den. It is the most dangerous murder-trap on the whole riverside, and I’m afraid that Neville St. Clair has entered it to never leave it. But our cart should be here.” He put his two fingers between his teeth and whistled a signal which was answered by a similar whistle from the distance, followed by the cart, that appeared out of the darkness. “Now, Watson,” said Holmes “You’ll come with me, won’t you?” “If I can help you.” “Oh, a trusty friend and a chronicler can always help. My room at The Cedars is a double-bedded one.” “The Cedars?” “Yes; that is Mr. St. Clair’s house. I am staying there while I conduct the inquiry.” “Where is it, then?” “Near Lee, in Kent. It’s seven miles away from here.” “But I am all in the dark. [13] ” “Of course you are. You’ll know all about it presently. Jump up here. All right, John; we shall not need you. Here’s half a crown. Wait for me tomorrow, about eleven. …

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