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The Lost World / Затерянный мир

Конан Дойл Артур

Уважаемый читатель, в нашей электронной библиотеке вы можете бесплатно скачать книгу «The Lost World / Затерянный мир» автора Конан Дойл Артур в форматах fb2, epub, mobi, html, txt. На нашем портале есть мобильная версия сайта с удобным электронным интерфейсом для телефонов и устройств на Android, iOS: iPhone, iPad, а также форматы для Kindle. Мы создали систему закладок, читая книгу онлайн «The Lost World / Затерянный мир», текущая страница сохраняется автоматически. Читайте с удовольствием, а обо всем остальном позаботились мы!
The Lost World / Затерянный мир

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Chapter 3 He Is a Perfectly Impossible Person However when I called on Wednesday there was a letter with the West Kensington postmark upon it, and my name scrawled across the envelope. The contents were as follows: “SIR, – I have duly received your note, in which you claim to support my views. You quote an isolated sentence from my lecture, and appear to have some difficulty in understanding it. I should have thought that only a stupid person could have failed to grasp the point, but if it really needs explanation I shall see you at the hour named. As for your suggestions I would have you know that it is not my habit to change my views. You will kindly show the envelope of this letter to my man, Austin, when you call, as he has to take every precaution to protect me from the intrusive people who call themselves ‘journalists’. Yours faithfully, GEORGE EDWARD CHALLENGER.” This was the letter that I read aloud to Tarp Henry. His only remark was that I should take along some haemostatic. [17] Some people have such extraordinary sense of humor. A taxicab took me round in good time for my appointment. It was an imposing house at which we stopped. The door was opened by an odd person of uncertain age. He looked me up and down with a searching light blue eye.

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