Гордость и предубеждение / Pride and Prejudice. Great Expectations / Большие надежды

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Chapter 4 I expected to find a Constable in the kitchen, waiting to take me up. [16] But Mrs. Joe was busy in getting the house ready for the festivities of the day. We were to have a wonderful dinner, consisting of a leg of pickled pork and greens, and a pair of roast stuffed fowls. A handsome mince-pie had been made yesterday morning, and the pudding was already on the boil. Mr. Wopsle, [17] the clerk at church, was to dine with us; and Mr. Hubble [18] and Mrs. Hubble; and Uncle Pumblechook [19] (Joe’s uncle), who lived in the nearest town, and drove his own chaise-cart. The dinner hour was half-past one. Everything was most splendid, and not a word of the robbery. The time came, without bringing with it any relief to my feelings, and the company came. I opened the door to the company, and I opened it first to Mr. Wopsle, next to Mr. and Mrs. Hubble, and last of all to Uncle Pumblechook. “Mrs. Joe,” said Uncle Pumblechook, a large hard-breathing middle-aged slow man, with a mouth like …

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