The Witch of Blackbird Pond / Ведьма с пруда Черных Дроздов. 10-11 классы

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Chapter Three Kit, Nat, the captain and some sailors, carrying Kit’s trunks, walked along the dirty road. Her last hopes died: there was no fine town of Wethersfield – just a settlement more lonely than Saybrook. A man with a cow stopped to stare at them, and Captain Eaton asked him for directions. “High Street,” the man said, pointing to the right. “Matthew Wood’s place is the third house.” High Street was just a narrow path. Kit saw that at least her uncle’s house looked respectable. The captain knocked hard on the massive door. The door opened and there was a thin, gray-haired woman. She looked like a servant, but the captain took off his hat and greeted her. The woman looked at the girl, and her face suddenly turned white. “Margaret,” she whispered. For a moment the two women stared at each other. Then Kit understood. “Aunt Rachel!” she cried. “It is Kit! I am Margaret’s daughter.” “Kit? Katherine Tyler? I thought… Oh, my dear child, how wonderful!” All at once there was warmth and …

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