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Ex Oblivione

Ex oblivione by H.P. Lovecraft When the la t day were upon me, and the ugly trifle of exi tence began to drive me to madne like the mall drop of water that torturer let fall cea ele ly upon one pot of their victim body, I loved the irradiate refuge of leep. In my dream I found a little of the beauty I had vainly ought in life, and wandered through old garden and enchanted wood . Once when the wind wa oft and cented I heard the outh calling, and ailed endle ly and languorou ly under …

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History of the Necronomicon

Hi tory of the Necronomicon by Howard Philip Lovecraft Compo ed by Abdul Alhazred, a mad poet of anaá, in Yemen, who i aid to have flouri hed during the period of the Ommiade caliph , circa 700 A .D. He vi ited the ruin of Babylon and the ubterranean ecret of Memphi and pent ten year alone in the great outhern de ert of Arabia – the Roba el Khaliyeh or "Empty pace" of the ancient – and "Dahna" or "Crim on" de ert of the modern Arab , which i held to be inhabited by protective …

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Ibid by Howard Philip Lovecraft "…a Ibid ay in hi famou Live of the Poet ." – From a tudent theme. The erroneou idea that Ibid i the author of the Live i o frequently met with, even among tho e pretending to a degree of culture, that it i worth correcting. It hould be a matter of general knowledge that Cf. i re pon ible for thi work. Ibid' ma terpiece, on the other hand, wa the famou Op. Cit. wherein all the ignificant undercurrent of Graeco-Roman expre ion were cry talli ed …

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Memory by Howard Philip Lovecraft In the valley of Ni the accur ed waning moon hine thinly, tearing a path for it light with feeble horn through the lethal foliage of a great upa -tree. And within the depth of the valley, where the light reache not, move form not meant to be beheld. Rank i the herbage on each lope, where evil vine and creeping plant crawl amid t the tone of ruined palace , twining tightly about broken column and trange monolith , and heaving up marble pavement laid …

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Nyarlathotep by Howard Philip Lovecraft Nyarlathotep… the crawling chao … I am the la t… I will tell the audient void…. I do not recall di tinctly when it began, but it wa month ago. The general ten ion wa horrible. To a ea on of political and ocial upheaval wa added a trange and brooding apprehen ion of hideou phy ical danger; a danger wide pread and all-embracing, uch a danger a may be imagined only in the mo t terrible phanta m of the night. I recall that the people went about with …

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Polari by Howard Philip Lovecraft Into the north window of my chamber glow the Pole tar with uncanny light. All through the long helli h hour of blackne it hine there. And in the autumn of the year, when the wind from the north cur e and whine, and the red-leaved tree of the wamp mutter thing to one another in the mall hour of the morning under the horned waning moon, I it by the ea ement and watch that tar. Down from the height reel the glittering Ca iopeia a the hour wear on, …

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The Cats of Ulthar

The Cat of Ulthar by Howard Philip Lovecraft It i aid that in Ulthar, which lie beyond the river kai, no man may kill a cat; and thi I can verily believe a I gaze upon him who itteth purring before the fire. For the cat i cryptic, and clo e to trange thing which men cannot ee. He i the oul of antique Aegyptu , and bearer of tale from forgotten citie in Meroe and Ophir. He i the kin of the jungle' lord , and heir to the ecret of hoary and ini ter Africa . The phinx i hi cou …

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The Descendant

The De cendant by Howard Philip Lovecraft Writing on what my doctor tell me i my deathbed, my mo t hideou fear i that the man i wrong. I uppo e I hall eem to be buried next week, but… In London there i a man who cream when the church bell ring. He live all alone with hi treaked cat in Gray' Inn , and people call him harmle ly mad. Hi room i filled with book of the tame t and mo t puerile kind, and hour after hour he trie to lo e him elf in their feeble page . All he eek from …

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The Evil Clergyman

The evil Clergyman By Howard Philip Lovecraft I wa hown into the attic chamber by a grave, intelligent-looking man with quiet clothe and an iron-gray beard, who poke to me in thi fa hion: "Ye , he lived here – but I don't advi e your doing anything. Your curio ity make you irre pon ible. We never come here at night, and it' only becau e of hi will that we keep it thi way. You know what he did. That abominable ociety took charge at la t, and we don't know where he i buried. There wa no …

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The Green Meadow

(At thi point the text become illegible.)

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The Other Gods

Barzai the Wi e they never found, nor could the holy prie t Atal ever be per uaded to pray for hi oul' repo e. Moreover, to thi day the people of Ulthar and Nir and Hatheg fear eclip e , and pray by night when pale vapor hide the mountain-top and the moon. And above the mi t on Hatheg-Kla, earth' god ometime dance remini cently; for they know they are afe, and love to come from unknown Kadath in hip of cloud and play in the olden way, a they did when earth wa new and men not given …

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The Terrible Old Man

The Terrible Old Man by Howard Phillip Lovecraft It wa the de ign of Angelo Ricci and Joe Czanek and Manuel ilva to call on the Terrible Old Man. Thi old man dwell all alone in a very ancient hou e on Water treet near the ea, and i reputed to be both exceedingly rich and exceedingly feeble; which form a ituation very attractive to men of the profe ion of Me r . Ricci, Czanek, and ilva, for that profe ion wa nothing le dignified than robbery. The inhabitant of King port ay and think …

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The Thing in the Moonlight

The Thing in the Moonlight by Howard Phillip Lovecraft Morgan i not a literary man; in fact he cannot peak Engli h with any degree of coherency. That i what make me wonder about the word he wrote, though other have laughed. He wa alone the evening it happened. uddenly an unconquerable urge to write came over him, and taking pen in hand he wrote the following: My name i Howard Phillip . I live at 66 College treet, in Providence, Rhode I land. On November 24, 1927-for I know not even what …

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The Tree

The Tree by Howard Phillip Lovecraft On a verdant lope of Mount Maenalu , in Arcadia , there tand an olive grove about the ruin of a villa. Clo e by i a tomb, once beautiful with the ublime t culpture , but now fallen into a great decay a the hou e. At one end of that tomb, it curiou root di placing the time- tained block of Panhellic marble, grow an unnaturally large olive tree of oddly repellent hape; o like to ome grote que man, or death-di torted body of a man, that the country …

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What the Moon Brings

What the moon Bring by Howard Phillip Lovecraft I hate the moon – I am afraid of it – for when it hine on certain cene familiar and loved it ometime make them unfamiliar and hideou . It wa in the pectral ummer when the moon hone down on the old garden where I wandered; the pectral ummer of narcotic flower and humid ea of foliage that bring wild and many-coloured dream . And a I walked by the hallow cry tal tream I aw unwonted ripple tipped with yellow light, a if tho e placid …

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